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National Service Scheme which is under the ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is functioning in the campus with a volunteer strength of more than 200. Our NSS unit is now one among the most active NSS unit under NSS Technical Cell, Govt. of Kerala. The NSS Unit of this college was registered in 2009 (Reg. No: 225). Henceforth NSS have expanded both quantitatively and qualitatively over the years by undertaking various projects and programs in association with different Government departments and agencies. Now SCT College of Engineering has two NSS units (Unit no: 225 & 527).

The major community activities undertaken by the unit includes; ‘KATHIR’ (paddy field cultivation serving to water holding, green boosting, and serving to the purpose of livelihood), ‘NEYES’ (skill development & entrepreneurship training), ‘AMRUTAKERALAM’ (campus cleaning and tree plantation), initiating Red Ribbon Club (serving to blood donation under KSACS), ‘BHOOMIKORU KOOTTU’ (Canal Cleaning, Pond Cleaning), ‘HOME FOR HOMELESS’ (for providing shelter to poor community), ‘PUNARJJANI’ (repairing & cleaning the old hospital equipments and furniture), Waste Management, Organ Donation Awareness Camp, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention Campaign, Swachh Mission activities etc.

Our unit received Best Unit, Best Programme Officer & Best Volunteer awards from Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Kerala and State Level Best volunteer award from Govt. of Kerala. During the last academic year, we also received National Young Leaders Program Award from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. We also received award from Dept. of Land Records & Revenue, Govt. of Kerala for the ‘Best Journal’ during the survey ‘Map My Home’. Volunteers of SCTCE also bagged several prizes and cash awards in various State level programs. For the past few years NSS- SCTCE is continuously receiving appreciation awards from NSS Technical Cell, Govt. of Kerala. The social activities of NSS SCTCE got attraction, appreciation and support from various Govt. Departments, agencies, institutions, Govt. Officials Medias, public, celebrities, Social activists, politicians, Ministers, People’s representatives etc. volunteer. Volunteer of NSS-SCTCE also participated in the International Youth Exchange Program held at China in June 2017.

The unit conducts 7 day Residential Camp, State Camp, District Camp etc. in every academic year to unite NSS volunteers across the state with exchange of ideas and views. The volunteers of NSS unit are involving in many social service activities like blood & organ donation camps, awareness programs, tree planting, SwachhMisson Programs, Agriculture etc.

The ultimate aim of all activities done by the unit is personality development through community service. Students who have an open mind to help the poor & society become a part of our family. While the studies in SCT builds better intellectuals, NSS SCTCE builds strong but kind personalities with love and caring attitudes.

Volunteers who are successfully completing their volunteer ship are eligible for 60 Activity Points from APJKTU & Certificate from Govt. of Kerala. NSS unit SCTCE has lived up its motto ‘Not me But you’ by making a new standard in the field of social work for the welfare of our society.

Administrative Structure of NSS

Administrative Structure at Institution Level

The unit at college level is the grass-root unit in NSS. The organisation keeps contact with the community, administration, student youth and teaching faculty through this unit only.

Enrollment of NSS Volunteers

The NSS volunteers will be enrolled from the first and second year degree-class students. Preference were given to the students who have worked as NSS volunteers at +2 level also. During the first year, the selected students should undergo a training period of one year and the actual enrolment to the unit will happen only in his/her second year. The enrolment is done purely on attendance and activity basis during the first year. Enrolment is for a period of 2 year. Two among the volunteers(one girl and one boy) will be selected as the volunteer secretary of unit for coordinating activities.

Programme Officers

One Programme Officer will be incharge of one unit only. Only those belonging to the teaching faculty will be considered for appointment as Programme Officer. Programme Officer will be responsible for the organisation of NSS unit, implementation of NSS programme under the supervision and direction of Principal of the college or head of the institution.

Year of Registration = 2009

Adopted Villages = Nemom and Pappanamcode

Academic Year 2014-15

Total No: of Activities = 50

Academic Year 2015-16

Total No: of Activities = 96

Academic Year 2015-16

Total No: of Activities = 169