Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

About Department

The department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering occupies a unique niche at SCTCE, thanks to a highly qualified and committed faculty team with rich experience and profound expertise in Biosciences, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering and allied disciplines. Right from its inception in 2002, the department has been consistently working towards accomplishing its vision of emerging as a centre of quality education, training, research and entrepreneurship in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering. Apart from the usual number of university toppers and GATE qualified students, the astonishingly huge number of our alumni who are placed in reputed companies all over India and those who have proceeded for pursuing higher studies in reputed universities abroad over the last couple of decades is a straight forward testimony to our department’s commitment towards imparting quality education and training to our students. The department has entered into MoUs (since 2021) with reputed companies like HLL Life Care Ltd. Thiruvananthapuram, Green Method Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kochi and Ram Biologicals, Kozhikode, which has helped our students in pursuing internships and industry-oriented projects during the course of their graduate program. On the research front, our department was supported by the AICTE through MODROB scheme (Government of India), during 2020-2022 which has enabled the modernization of our lab facilities. The department is also pursuing four infrastructure development projects funded by the Government of Kerala under Annual plan 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 (together worth 2.98 crores) which are currently at various stages of completion. It is hoped that by the year 2025, the department will establish itself as a hub of quality research and training in the areas of Biofuel Technology and Environmental Biotechnology, with the aid of state of the art laboratory infrastructure which is being developed at an accelerated pace. Since 2020, the department has successfully completed 5 student projects under KSCSTE and 6 projects under KTU-CERD (together worth rupees 3.5 lakhs). Additionally, three student projects worth rupees 1.5 lakhs are still under progress. The department is gearing up to establish collaboration with some start-up companies in Kerala, for taking up consultancy projects in the area of fermentation technology. Our students have abundant opportunities to hone their technical knowledge and skills through events like workshops, seminars, invited lectures and conferences which are organized on regular basis under the aegis of the student chapter of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) and the Biotechnology students’ association, EVOGEN. Our students have exceled in various extra-curricular activities through active participation in NSS activities as well as various arts and sports events conducted at the college level and university level. Our students and faculty members are making remarkable contributions on the academic front by participating and presenting papers at various national and international conferences, and by publishing their research outcomes in high-impact international journals. Our faculty members are also striving to enhance the reach of the department in the public domain by organizing training programs and workshops for the public. With a dedicated academic block which is proposed to be constructed with financial support from the Government of Kerala, under Annual Plan 2023-2024, I can say beyond any doubt that the department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering is all set to move ahead swifter, higher and stronger, in the years to come.

Vision of the Department:

To emerge as a centre of quality education, training, research and entrepreneurship in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering.

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