Artificial intellegence and machine learning, the  branch which comes under the department of computer science was introduced into our prestigious institution in the year 2020. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Association of Student, AMAS was formed in the year 2022. Our dedicated faculties are Dr Subu Surendran and Dr. Sonia B. They are devoted in enhancing the capabilities and potential of the students by creating opportunities and with guidance.Bhagath SS was selected as the secretary of AMAS.
AI verse, the first program organised by the AMAS was conducted in association with Advent. It was a workshop on introduction and demonstration of MediaPipe, a machine learning  framework by Google.Introduction to hugging face library is the other event under AMAS in association with advent These programs came out to be a great success which was a head start to our association. From there on, there was no turning back; our students excelled in every possible academic and co-curricular activities.Furthermore, AMAS contributed immensly to the technical and cultural events conducted under our institution's techno cultural fest 'Cult A Way'. Within a short span of time since its formation, AMAS came a long way in the path of success and looking forward to achieve more and more in the journey ahead of us.

AMAS activity

1. “Aiverse - introduction to media pide”by abhijith udayakumar -104 participants on 22/05/2022

2. “Introduction to hugging face library”by Rohith Francis -14 Participants on 31/05/2023