College Office

Administrative Officer :SureshKumar S /Extension No. : 202

Financial Assistant: Vinod Kumar L

Head Accountant Indulekha K. N. / Extension No. : 235

Head Accountant : Biju V. A./ Extension No. 228

Confidential Assistant : Asha R.P / Extension No.: 400

Senior Clerk : Lekshmi V. / Extension No. 234

Senior Clerk : Asha G. K. / Extension No. : 231

Clerical Assistant:Priyadarshini M. R. / Extension No. : 233

Clerical Assistant:Aswathy R.B/Extension No. : 232

Driver (Senior Grade ):Sambasivan S. /Extension No. : 527

Driver Grade I (HG) :S. Muraleedharan Nair /Extension No. : 527

Driver Grade I(HG):K. Mohanan/Extension No. : 527

Driver Grade II(HG): Anilkumar P./ Extension No. : 527

Driver Grade II(HG): Anil P./ Extension No. : 527

Office Assistant(HG): M. Suresh Kumar

Office Assistant(HG):K. Ayyappan

Office Assistant(HG):Sureshkumar Y

Civil Engineer : Vijay Kumar N

Electrician:Jiju C

Plumber : Kirannath G

Bus Attender . K. Mrithyunjayan

NB: For contacting over phone dial +91-471-2490572 and use the Extension No. mentioned. mob:9495565772

The Institution

The college is a realisation of a long felt need for an institution catering to a growing number of undergraduates opting for technical education. It seeks to promote education and research in the field of technology; to accumulate effective ideas and techniques likely to promote the socio-economic welfare of the people of Kerala